About Captain Hazard

In 2015 I was convinced to join a Kayak Seafari with the Legendry Markus Potgieter and a few of my friends from Johannesburg. Never fished the sea before, I was very excited to try out this new facet of fishing. I did not own anything related to this sport, none the less all was supplied and the launch was set for the Friday morning at Westbrook. I was using a profisha 475 for this day of fishing, which was not the best idea as a 6 foot guy with zero experience.

Come launch time, I go down to the edge of the shore break with my good mates Quinton and Retford, who have been fishing for years. As they had the experience they were going to get me out. They tell me that when they say go I must run and jump on and paddle like my life depended on it. That sounds easy, I thought, and then they say GO. I take the ski and paddle in hand and attempt to do the Westbrook launch. I remember jumping on and getting dumped in the shore break falling in front of the ski and getting smashed left right and centre.

I get pulled out the water by some young local who saved me and the ski, I look around for my mates to see that they had launched as I got dumped and were past the backline already. Markus gets down to me and gets me out with the right advice and off I went to enjoy my morning out in sea for my first time. Time to come in and guess what? I got dumped again with no fish in the hatch. Thinking to myself “this is not fishing!” I decided not to launch the next day with the guys as I was in a lot of pain from the day before. I went down to fetch the guys as they came in that morning to see them all having the biggest smiles around. Loads of fish came out and a croc as well. That’s when I asked Markus to take me out on the Sunday with him on the double.

Sunday came and on the way down to the beach with the ski, I cut my heel open on a rock. Back to the car for some first aid and then we launched and that’s when I was hooked, my first yellowfin and first fish on a ski. Now as you all know the excitement of this sport, it is was the start to a whole new adventure and I set out to get myself a Profisha 525. That following January of 2016, I used Markus once again for a guide on my new ski. I launched like a champ that morning but as I was paddling out I went and sliced my thumb open. I strapped myself up and by then Markus was a few km’s away. It was a good paddle to get to him, and a story to tell him. There was no bait available so we pulled the lures that morning, and I got to initiate my new ski with a 12kg yellowfin.

It was after this trip that Markus decided to give me the name “Captain Hazard”. Since the name I have had many great trips, injury free, but the name stuck. This was when the idea was born to create a range of clothing that was suited for this sport. After many months of testing and research. I am proud to say we are ready to give you the Superior range called the Captain Range. High quality stitch work, the most comfortable fit with zero chaffing and highest UV rating makes our rash vest one of the best available. The range consists of four designs based on the pelagic fish found in our KZN waters. Our board shorts come in the same four designs which are made with high quality fabric for the most durable and comfortable fit around. Our tights are designed with the paddler in mind, with anti-slip on the hems, these tights will not slide up and offer full sun protection and styling at the same time. Our range is constantly being grown with more design options and appeal.